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Final Setup

by on Dec.30, 2013, under Installation

Now that the OS is installed, the video is working, and the WiFi is setup, there is one more step before the RPi is ready to get down to business.

Run ‘sudo raspi-config

On this screen, you need to…

  • Expand the partition to fill the SD card.
  • Create the local.  Only create the ones you need or this will be time consuming.
  • Set the Timezine
  • Enable SSH
  • Set the hostname

Now update the system.

  • Run ‘sudo apt-get update
  • Run ‘sudo apt-get install sl cowsay htop
  • Run ‘sudo apt-get upgrade

OK… ‘sl’ and ‘cowsay’ aren’t necessary.  Those are just for fun.  But ‘htop’ is MUCH better than the standard ‘top’ command.

The first time you run the upgrade command will, very likely, take quite some time.  Be patient.  You need to have the system up-to-date.

Now that everything is setup, it’s time to backup the SD card.  See my next post.


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More On The /boot/config.txt File

by on Dec.29, 2013, under Installation, Troubleshooting

Well, I have the /boot/config.txt file working!

Once I figured out the problem was the /boot/config.txt, I knew I could go back to my original plan of using Occidentalis on the RPi.  So I re-flashed an 8Gb SD card with the Occidentalis image and mounted it on my laptop.

Navigating to the /boot/config.txt file, I made the following changes…


Obviously, there is more in the file than that, but you don’t need me to post all the comment lines.  These are the lines that are left after removing all comment lines.

BE CAREFUL…Read the documentation for your specific monitor AND check out the config.txt resource link I posted in my previous article.  The group and mode lines are specific to your monitor’s resolution and timing.   See that previous article here.



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Great Resource for the config.txt file

by on Dec.29, 2013, under Installation, Troubleshooting

Here is a great resource for configuring the config.txt file…




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NOT A Hardware Problem

by on Dec.29, 2013, under Installation, Troubleshooting

I, now, know for certain that my problem is NOT hardware.

I loaded Raspbian on an SD card and modified the /boot/config.txt file to enable  the force VGA option.  So the display “works.”  The resolution and alignment aren’t right, but I’ll work on tweaking that out.

When I get it working correctly, I’ll post my /boot/config.txt file.


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