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RPi Keeps Crashing

by on Apr.12, 2014, under Troubleshooting

I have been having issues with the RPi staying online.

My setup is a RPi Model B with a WiFi antanea attached and powered by a 1A wall wort.  There is no keyboard, mouse, or video attached.  All access to the RPi is done over SSH.

The RPi will stay online for aprox. one to three hours then disappear from the network.  Powering off for a hard re-boot would bring it back.  However, one to three hours and we’d have to repeat.  Not acceptable.  Eventually, the constant crashing did corrupt the image on the SD card.

After speaking with some geek friends and consulting Google, I believe the issue is the WiFi adpater.  I believe the WiFi adapter is drawing just enough off the USB to cause power related stability issues.

For now, I have disconnected the WiFi and attached the RPi directly to the network via RJ-45.  After flashing an SD card with a new Raspbian image, the RPi is up and has beed stable for the best part of 24 hours.

When I get ready to do some more testing, I’m going to attach the WiFi via an external, powered USB hub.  This should allow the WiFi adapter to draw sufficient power without having to depend on the RPi for its power source.

More to come…


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