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Can I Run MS-Windows On My RPi?

by on Dec.24, 2013, under Operating Systems

Well, since the Raspberry Pi is based on an ARM1176JZFS microprocessor, an ARM operating systems is required.

According to the Raspberry Pi Foundations’s FAQ, running any version of Microsoft Windows, even the Windows 8 ARM, edition is out of the question.  It just, simply, will not work.  The ARM edition of Windows is just too much of a resource hog for the Rapberry Pi hardware.  But “resource hog” has always been a Microsoft hallmark.

You might be able to get DOS/Windows 3.1 running inside of an x86 emulator on the RPi.  If you have a specific application that needs that configuration,  give it a shot.  Please post back here and let me know your results.

As for Windows 95 or anything newer.  It just isn’t gonna happen – even in an x86 emulator.  According to the RPi FAQ, “trying to use a version of Windows even as recent as Windows 98 can take hours to boot into, and take several more hours to update your cursor every time you try to move it. We don’t recommend it!”

So, Windows is out!

Not a big surprise there!

I actually prefer Linux anyway.  I was just curious if Windows could be used.

Next, I’ll explore which Linux distro should be used to start my explorations.





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